Robin Hood Extracts

Organic, Solventless Extracts

The Real Sherwood Forest

With quality, safety, and potency being our guiding principles, Robin Hood Extracts produces small batch, solventless concentrates using the highest quality, organically grown indoor flower.

Founded in 2020, we were alarmed at the amount of friends getting sick and hospitalized from unsafe products on the market. Whether from thinning agents or high levels of unsafe contaminants, we decided to do something about it.


Our process is traditional and straightforward: Using heat, pressure, and time, we extract the essential oils (rosin) from the flower we press.


Consumable in its raw form via smoking or dabbing, our rosin can also be incorporated into food products, oils for sublingual use, and even topicals. 

Determined to help those who needed these types of extracts most, we're proud to produce some of the cleanest and most balanced concentrates on the market!




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