Frequently asked questions

How long does shipping take?

Most orders take 4-5 business days of your order being placed, to ship. Any delays center around our production schedule, and if you ever have any questions about your order, feel free to reach out through the site or email! Please know that whenever we run sales, promotions or giveaways you can expect even longer delays; We are not a reseller of other peoples products but produce and sell direct to consumer, in-house. The tradeoff for getting as high a quality product as ours for ~25$ a gram after discounts is that our turnaround times are longer than others.

Where are your COAs?

Can you tell me a little bit about your process?

Sure! Our solventless method uses large amounts of pressure, heat, and short lengths of time to extract the concentrated essence of the organically grown, high-CBD flower we use. This raw rosin is able to be smoked/dabbed, as well as incorporated into edibles and topicals. This process produces the only concentrated balanced, native terpene and cannabinoid profile of the flower we press, and is the only compliant solventless compliant CBD rosin on the market today. Incomparable to distillate, isolates, and other solvent-based extracts and blends, our rosin represents concentrated hemp in its pure and unadulterated form; without residual solvents or contaminants. The link below is a must read to understand the differences in solvent and solventless extracts, and why it matters! https://www.rosintech.com/solvent-solventless-vs-solvent-free-cannabis-extracts-whats-the-difference/

What is your return/refund policy?

Once your order is placed, sales are final. We are proud to produce some of the best solventless concentrates in the market today, and if you have any issues, please reach out to us to see if we can make it right: Support@RHExtracts.com, or through our online chat.

Is it legal to buy your products in the US?

Yes! Our products are fully federally compliant, and legal to purchase, ship and receive in all 50 states! Our products contain less than the federally regulated thc levels allowable in hemp-derived products, both delta 9 thc (less than .3%, and total THC (less than 1%) We also vacuum-seal and ship every order in discrete unmarked boxes, with labs and letters to law and USPS. Alongside of this, earlier last year, USPS announced it would not worry about or stop the transporation of hemp products in their mail system.

Congratulations on winning second in the High Times Hemp Cup!

Thank you! The Hemp Cup took place over the last couple months (March-May), where 1,000s of judges received one of 14 judge kits and were asked to rate a random assortment of products based on a variety of criteria. After a two month long judgement process, the High Times Hemp Cup 2021 was streamed to 6m people over High Times Facebook page, where the best products from each category were ranked by this national blind judging process. In the end, we took home silver for concentrates: A tough win that went up against exclusively d8 and other solvent-based concentrates, some with over 500mg total THC per GRAM! We're very proud of this win, and cannot WAIT to take the gold next year! https://hightimes.com/events/cannabis-cup/win-hemp-cup-peoples-choice-2021/

How do I use your products?

Customers have a variety of options when it comes to enjoying our concentrates. Many customers dab our rosin in concentrate rigs, like bubblers/bongs, while other prefer to use battery bases like the Yocan, which has a heating element that melts the rosin and produces vapor to inhale. You can also put a small amount of our rosin on top of whatever you're currently smoking, to enhance effects. For our bubble hash, most users put this on top of a bowlpack or as a small bowlpack itself, and it can also be used on joints, in tobacco, etc. If you're not interested in smoking our products, you can infuse them in oil for sublingual use, or for putting into food products!

What else should we know about your products?

By using this site, you agree that you are of the appropriate age to use and consume CBD products. Please also educate yourself on your local and state laws surrounding using our products. We cannot be held responsible for individual liaibility surrounding the legality of our products in your specific instances.
If you order more than a couple grams of our products, we will usually consolidate these multiple grams into one container, so please be aware that if you ordered 2 grams, 2 grams are most likely in one container.

Holy Cow! Your stuff seems expensive!

It's true, our stuff is a little pricier than most concentrates produced with the use of solvents! Unlike solvent based extraction, where the initial investment into equipment is the highest cost, but afterwards allows you to process any type of material with minimal oversight and incredibly affordable inputs (-25$ outdoor pounds from 2018, standard biomass, trim, etc), solventless extraction (like rosin and hash) requires continuous high quality fresh inputs, forever, as well as high-cost talent to execute maximum yield each time. While we aim to bring our costs down over time, our major focuses have always been to produce the cleanest, highest quality solventless concentrates possible, and ensuring everyone in the US has easy and safe access to these products. When you support us, you're paying for the highest quality inputs crafted by literal hand, without the use of solvent or any converting agent besides heat pressure and time. You also support a company that actively fights for consumer health and safety in this developing industry, day in and day out. Please take a look at our discounts page to see if you qualify! Cheers!

Help! I got the wrong product!

Apologize about that! Please reach out and we'll get it straightened out; our website messenger or support@RHExtracts.com works! If it was a small mistake (you received the wrong gram of the wrong product) please enjoy the product you received, and take a photo/share it with us when you reach out. We do not expect returns of our products. Cheers!

Tell us about Robin Hood Extracts!

We've gotten a lot of inquiry and support since taking second in this springs High Time Hemp Cup, and we wanted to take a minute to share our story in honor of our year anniversary. Many of you know, but for those that don't: We started RHE last fall with the sole mission of providing clean, solventless concentrates to an industry and community that was harming our friends and loved ones. Whether from unpurged concentrates, poor input materials, or unhealthy thinning agents, we literally watched our friends get deathly ill, gain permanent lung damage, and some even died from complications of smoking and vaping unsafe concentrates in the late 2010's. When the farm bill hit and we realized we could produce completely legal, and infinitely safer concentrates than what our friends were currently able to get, it was a no brainer, and we saw we had the chance to spread our passion to the masses. It took almost 3 months, 20+ strains, and countless failed labs before we found one compliant product, and another month before we could produce our second. Truly a labor of love, when we went live last year it was 100% out of our own pocket (just the two of us in the beginning!), with no investors, outside capital or anything like that. Just a rented facility and a vision. Six months after launching our first two products, High Times asked us to compete in the Hemp Cup; A wild opportunity I never thought we'd be asked to do, this competition was truly a peoples choice; polling the opinions of over 250 consumers throughout the US, and using the same grading scale and criteria to determine who produced the best CBD product in each category. After agreeing to do it, we quickly assembled 250+ grams and got our product out to be judged. After a long two month wait, we wound up taking second amidst a sea of 20+ concentrates; from isolates and terpsolates, to distillates and diamonds (some with over 500mg of d8 THC per gram), our humble King Richards Reserve took second place! The rest is history, so they say. Since High Times, we've experienced growth that's enabled us to make partnerships and empower other individuals and the solventless industry as a whole, and to further our mission of helping educate and normalize the concept of solventless concentrates. AND we've only made our products more affordable over time :) We're proud to say we've done this without a dollars worth of advertising budget, paid marketing, or any underhanded approaches. Just a constant dedication to our passion, and an unwavering commitment to you, our customer. It's why we've never sold, touched, or even considered D8 to be sold under our brand, and why we went $5k+ into the negative before even launching a compliant product (when we could have easily launched an isolate/distillate cart and dab blend). Mainly, it's why you can always trust that the products we produce are the safest you can get in this industry. And we wouldn't be doing it if it weren't for you.

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