Little John's Secret Stash Bubble Hash

Little John's Secret Stash Bubble Hash

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Designed by the same folks behind High Times Hemp Cup-Winning King Richards Reserve, our newest addition is crafted using organic indoor flower, triple-filtered deionized water, and 45u-159u micron bags; resulting in one of the cleanest and most balanced solventless concentrates available on the market today!


Boasting twice the Total Active Cannabinoids of other hash, Little Johns Secret Stash is a proprietary blend of our own in-house genetics, making it a truly one of a kind experience. Being a CBD Bubble Hash, this is not a full melt product, and is best  enjoyed by smoking in a bowl or bong, or any other combustable devices. 


Major terpenes include (in order of highest percentage): limonene, both pinenes, linalool, humulene, guaiol, caryophyllene oxide, trans-caryophyllene, alpha humulene, bisabolol, and ocimene.


Note: product is vacuum sealed and shipped in discrete packaging with letter to law and COA's. These are high-CBD solventless concentrates!

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